Thursday, May 21, 2015

air max 1 aloha o to attackstone me

air max 1 aloha o to attackstone me

is hostile to of vision, gnash teeth in hatred's saying:"The Xiao old man unexpectedly dares to take advantage o to attackstone me indiscriminately, is really hateful!Please lend me 2,000 troops and horseses, I again is 3.air max 1 aloha,000 people, I make track for to kill this Xiao old man in person." "Old you stop anger first and listen to me speaking."Air Jordan pleases him to a part, positive color way:"The site of. Xiao old man where can not run, we think that the Yao revenges to all go for sub- time.Can at present still want with tidy up farmer for lord, otherwise, lose more than gain." This chaotic, originally is that you beat. me, I beat you, is respectively of benefits but fight!Early dawn since canned be anti- water of the farmer, the Xiao soldier takes advantage o his bottom of disorderly Tong, in really normal.Early dawn just that words are also that the momentary furies Be blunt to faint the angry words of brains but hairs, now listen to Air Jordan so on saying, immediately wide awake, recognize pure situation:Oneself's rea. air max 1 aloha l strenght is damaged, again on the other people's site, must depending then Wang Jia cans back all over, at .
air max 1 this time with Air Jordan take issue in really not Zhi.Have to nurse regret to nod, embrace a boxing way to Air Jor.dan:"Everythings all listen to your arrangement." "Thank!"Air Jordan embraces a boxing to pull early dawn's hand but return after thanking and says with smile:"Old, I still have to rescue a life time glory they, you me sentence the truth, how many troops and horseses do you still have" "In addition to the order that depends on you sends to those 1,500 people out of the city and probably still has 2,800 people here." A listen to he lose 700 bearers, Air Jordan's one Leng, calling of subconscious way:"How to lose so many" "Beat farmer of lost 1200 people, can Xiao the soldier suddenly make a surprise attack from the behind, I take precautions against to cannot compare with" makes reference to here .

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